GroupWise issue may cause an application error Posted on 19 November 2010 under NetWare (Updated 19 November 2010)

An attempt to connect to GroupWise using the Admin Object API when the caller has insufficient rights to the domain object's "NGW: Location" attribute results in an application error occurring in gwcmb1.dll. When performing a GroupWise operation for a user in eDirectory, the usual process is to read the associated post office from the user's "NGW: Post Office" attribute, read the domain name from the post office object in eDirectory, then attempt to connect to GroupWise using the name of the domain object. GroupWise then reads the "NGW: Location" attribute of the domain object to obtain the path to the domain database. However, if the user running the program does not have read rights to the "NGW: Location" attribute, an application error results. This problem typically occurs when management of a portion of the tree which includes GroupWise users, is delegated to a non-admin account which has been given extra rights to part of eDirectory and to the file system, but not to the eDirectory GroupWise domain objects.

The issue has been reported to Novell and a bug number has been assigned.