Connection APIs on OES2 SP2 Posted on 13 March 2009 under NetWare (Updated 28 May 2013)

In 2008, we reported to Novell that two connection related APIs were not implemented in OES2, and a 3rd was not returning some information correctly. Despite assurances that all three would be fixed in SP1, two issues remained:

The API for clearing workstation connections was implemented in SP1 and is working correctly.

The API for returning the connections holding a file open was implemented in SP2 and is working correctly.

The API which returns the number of NCP requests, bytes read and bytes written since login still returns garbage values in OES2 SP2a. Affected programs are "jrbusers" and "requests".

We have recently discovered another API which has yet to be implemented on OES Linux. NWScanPhysicalLocksByConnFile is not available in OES2 SP2a. This prevents openfile from showing physical lock information.