Release Notes for JRButils for AD v13

Changes to multiple programs

  • Fixed a long standing issue of a memory overwrite when using the “date” keyword with /e and /l. This had not previously caused an issue but finally revealed itself with an application error in the 32 bit programs which have been converted to work entirely in unicode.
  • Corrected an oversight where there was no equivalent to the command line option /y=u in all GUI programs.
  • Fixed an issue where a byte order marker (BOM) could be written when appending to an existing non-zero length log or error file.
  • Modified to check that the specified coding (unicode, etc) does not conflict with the existing coding when appending to an existing non-zero length log or error file. Note that it it is not possible to check for OEM versus CHAR conflicts as no BOM is involved.
  • Modified so that when no coding is specified via /l or /e, and appending to an existing non-zero length file, the output will be written in unicode or UTF-8 if the appropriate BOM is present.
  • Corrected an issue with verifying object names given in canonical format e.g. abc/staff/Jim. An error was not reported when an incorrect container name was used, but the object was still located if the common name was unique.
  • Fixed a problem in programs capable of working with non-domain objects where they would attempt to connect to the domain when a non-domain object was specified, and the workstation belonged to a domain, but the current user was not logged into the domain.
  • Fixed an issue in GUI programs when resizing the window for browsing for Active Directory objects. The child window containing the tree view was not lengthened as the parent window length changed.
  • Updated to accept object names for relevant object classes (user, group, computer, contact and inetOrgPerson) as email addresses. Wildcards may not be used.
  • Updated further programs to work internally, entirely in unicode rather than in single byte characters. This is a work in progress, all programs will eventually be converted. Those completed since v12 include:
    adaccexp adpsomgr
    adchkhome adpwdexp
    adfsrights adrights
    adgetdirquota adsetpwd
    adgetvolquota adsetdirquota
    adgrpmem adsethome
    admakememb adsetowner
    admovehome adsettrust
    adopenfile adsetvolquota