Release Notes for JRButils in AD V10

64 bit fully GUI programs

We have finally created 64 bit versions of the fully GUI programs in Part 3. These are now in Part 6. They must be stored separately from the 32 bit GUI programs as they require 64 bit supporting DLLs and BPLs some of which have the same names as their 32 bit counterparts.

New Programs


Manages password settings objects (PSOs) which hold the values for fine grained password policies under Windows server 2008 onwards. It can do the following:

  • Create new PSOs, optionally using an existing PSO as a template.
  • Delete PSOs.
  • Display the attributes of PSOs. A range of options are available including the ability to display all attributes and the security descriptor.
  • Modify one or more of a PSO’s settings. All password related settings, plus the description and display name may be modified.
  • Display the domain-wide password settings for the current domain.
  • Display the security descriptor for the Password Settings Container.