Release Notes for JRButils in MICRO FOCUS v23

64 bit fully GUI programs

We have finally created 64 bit versions of the fully GUI programs in Part 3. These are now in Part 6. They must be stored separately from the 32 bit GUI programs as they require 64 bit supporting DLLs and BPLs some of which have the same names as their 32 bit counterparts.

Changes to Multiple Programs

  • Increased the maximum length of Windows paths that can be processed from 1024 to 2048 characters.
  • Added checks to ensure that the maximum length for Windows paths is not exceeded resulting in application errors.
  • Modified the initialization code to allow a jrbutils.ini file to contain JRButils for Micro Focus and JRButils for AD specific global switch settings by using mf: (or nw:) and ad: prefixes e.g.

    mf: /y=c
    ad: /y=n

    the default to /y=c for JRButils for Micro Focus, and /y=n for JRButils for AD.

  • Fixed a longstanding issue where settings for /l and /e, when specified in the jrbutil.ini file e.g. /l=nowrap, worked correctly so long as /l was not used on the command line, but if, say, /l=user.log was specified on the command line, the “nowrap” setting was lost.
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue in the GroupWise aware programs which can run without the presence of the client for OES Enterprise Server (Novell client) where an invalid path specified for /l or /e might not display correctly in the error message, when the client was not present.
  • Fixed an issue where programs were not finding a jrbutils.ini file located in one of the search paths. Programs now check the current directory first, then the directory from which the program is run, then the search paths.
  • Fixed an issue in 64 bit versions of programs such as getquota, setquota and netcopy where retrieving all quotas on a volume on OES 2015 Linux was producing errors due to a structure packing problem.
  • Worked around an issue in Linux versions of programs such as getquota, setquota and netcopy where retrieving all quotas on a volume on OES11 SP1 or SP2 failed with error “Attempt to read more data than the reply buffer can hold” when 16 or more quotas were present. The issue arose due to extra bytes on the end of the NCP reply when 16 quotas (the maximum per request) were returned.
  • Fixed an issue introduced last year in programs copying files or directories (e.g. fsupdate and netcopy) where they could report attempting to use an unsupported function when copying from OES 2015 to an earlier OES Linux version or to a NetWare server.
  • Fixed an issue in part 2 and 5 programs which process multiple servers and use the Novell GUI login dialog to authenticate to a different tree. This could result in being disconnected from your original tree.
  • Updated all fully GUI programs using Rich Edit output (e.g. setpword) to include an option to clear all previous output before proceeding with the requested action.
  • Worked around an issue affecting all programs when validating object names in the somewhat unusual situation of having branches of the tree with and without a country name at the top. If the default context was set to a container with a country at the top of the tree, then a relative name in the form john.jrb.. was not expanded to CN=John.O=JRB. The cross-platform API NWDSCanonicalizeName returned error -318 (country name identifier is too long), but worked correctly for whether the NZ container was a country or organization, because the name length was only two letters. The issue has been worked around.
  • Fixed an issue in GUI programs processing multiple servers where the default tree was not reinstated at the end of the run if the last server processed was in a different tree. This could affect object validation if the program was run again without restarting, particularly if different default contexts were set across trees.
  • Modified all fully GUI programs to clear the previous selections when the tree view dialog is reopened to make an object selection. This overcomes several minor issues e.g. clicking on an already selected object did not generate an event to update the selected objects edit box.
  • Updated programs chrcheck, extcheck, lencheck, trstlist and whodidit to allow a maximum depth to be specified when using /d=t e.g. /d=t2 would process only first and second level subdirectories. It is intended to add this facility to more programs in the future.
  • Modified programs accepting attribute names to treat “qualifier” as an alternative to “generational qualifier”.
  • Fixed an issue introduced in 2015 in numerous programs processing entire directory structures where an application error could occur due to running out of stack space when the directory structure was more than 30 levels deep.
  • Fixed an issue in all programs supporting GroupWise 2014 where they failed to connect to the Admin Console when there was an ‘@’ in the password.
  • Fixed an issue in the fully GUI jrbpass, requests and spacemon programs where they were not finding their help file when run from the start menu.
  • Updated documentation, in-built help and program output to reflect that the former Novell products are now owned by Micro Focus. Some references to Novell in older product names remain. The former Novell client is now referred to by its new name of the client for OES Enterprise Server.