Release Notes for JRButils for Micro Focus v24

New programs

  • Jrbencrypt. A small program to AES encrypt a password and save it to a file for use by programs such as mattach, jrbimprt, and those supporting GroupWise 2014.
  • Gwresources. Manages resources under all versions of GroupWise. It can do the following:
    • List the resources by post office, domain, or in the entire GroupWise system.
    • Display a wide range of resource attributes for 2014 onwards and a small range (limited by the API) for 2012 and earlier.
    • Modify values for selected attributes.
    • Create, delete, and rename (2014 only) resources.


The NLMs for NetWare have been retired from v24. Options related to qwatch.nlm have been removed from setquota and jrbimprt. Note that the makehome daemon for Linux remains.

Changes to Multiple Programs

  • Updated all programs supporting GroupWise 2014 to support retrieving the Admin Console password from an AES encrypted file. Use the jrbencrypt program described above to encrypt the password.
  • Updated programs displaying network addresses to correctly format type 12 addresses. See TID 7018425 for more information.
  • Updated programs displaying network addresses to display the type and the value in hexadecimal for unrecognised types. Previously only the type was displayed.
  • Fixed a cosmetic issue under Windows 10 where the vertical arrows in the in-built help were not displaying correctly.
  • Modified all programs to utilize the full character width of a command window, and PowerShell (Console and ISE) window. The width is now 120 characters whereas it was 80 in earlier Windows versions.
  • Corrected an issue in recent versions of Windows where the client window height for part 2 and 5 programs was no longer a multiple of the text height resulting in a partial line being displayed.
  • Added the ability to display dates and times in the current locale. The usual display format of 23-May-2018 09:30:21 has been retained as the default to avoid creating issues with any existing scripts which process the output from programs such as getrest. Using the current locale can be achieved by setting environment variable JRBDATETIME=LOCALE. This can also be set in the jrbutils.ini initialization file or any file specified via /@. Supporting the reading of dates in the current locale from the command line or input file remains a work in progress.
  • Fixed an issue in Linux versions where the <CR> was not removed from the end of each line when processing input files created on Windows and hence containing <CR><LF> pairs instead of just <LF>.